Our story

Founded in 1991 by Patrick MENEGHETTI, the law office principally performs in counsel, guidance and in litigation, to support national or international companies along with communities or public services, in particular in the fields of insurance, real estate, construction, urbanism, industry, automobile, aeronautics, energy, transports, regulated professions, finance.

Acknowledged expert in the area of legal financial and technical guarantees, the law office furthermore enjoys a real experience in the field of companies, firms or insurance portfolios' run-off, in France and abroad.

Its well-tried experience of risk and crisis management leads it to act usually for several cases of general civil or professional liability, to support firms as well as insurance companies.

It regularly takes part in these various areas in association with diverse specialised actors i.e.: brokers, suscribers, risks managers, federations and professional organisations.
Nowadays, our law office is pleased to offer its services in French, in English and in Italian.

Our philosophy

Availability :
The structure of the law office and its way of exercise have been specifically chosen in order to give priority to the flexibility, the pro-activity and the adjustment to the needs and configuration of its clients. They allow it an entire availability in every circumstance, in both national and in international cases.

Proficiency :

Primarily targeted at companies and institutions, the well-tried experience of its members and their extensive knowledge of their intervention's areas, allow it to provide to its clients the best fitted guidance and defence, in every case.

Quality :

Concerned with offering the best quality of services, the law office has always given priority to the welcome, the rapidity of its clients' answer and information. It thus can set up all its means to develop, in harmony with its constituents, the best strategy to defend their interests.

Our commitments

• A unique referent representative within the law office.
• A direct and permanent contact with the Attorney in charge of the case.
• A precise and practical answer to the diverse issues of the case.
• A client's support in the fulfilment of the schemas and suggested actions or approved by the law office.
• A presentation to the client of the projects before sending in order to valid.
• A clear and precise invoicing policy from the beginning of the relation, fitted to each situation.


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